Liability Products

Corporate Current Account

Value Proposition
  • Unfetter access to your funds; no limitation to number of withdrawals.
  • Allows for cheque discounting of confirmed drafts and issuance of third party cheques (VALID FOR CLEARING).
  • It allows accessibility to all EBG loan products
Product Features
  • No limit to withdrawals
  • No minimum operating balance required
  • COT is charged at N5/millon
  • Cheque discounting / purchase of confirmed drafts (terms & condition apply)
  • Issuance of cheques to 3rd parties. Cheques are VALID FOR CLEARING
  • Opening balance of 50,000.00 Cedis
Target Segment
  • All Small and Medium business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Unincorporated businesses.

How to Open Your Corporate Current Account

The process of opening account with the bank starts with customer request made to the bank through our Relation Managers/Account Officers in our branches. These officers initiate the account opening process upon receipt of appropriate documentation. 

Requirement for account opening are: 
  • Board resolution to open bank account. (For limited liability companies)
  • Duly Completed account opening form
  • 2 Duly Completed signature cards. (To be provided)
  • 2 (two) Passport photographs of each of the authorized signatories, stating the name behind.
  • Valid means of ID for each signatory to the account (Driver's license, National ID or International passport)
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation and Registration.
  • Certified true copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.
  • Certified true copy of Form C.O.7 or C.A.C2-3 i.e. (Particulars of Directors) and form C.O.2(i.e. Allotment of shares)
  • Certificate of commencement of Business (where Applicable)
  • Copy of residence or work permit of all foreign signatories (if any)
  • Utility Bill

COT Plus

This is a COT-free current account designed to minimize transaction cost of customers (corporate and individual) with high turnover activity on their accounts.
Product Features
  • Zero COT on all withdrawals provided the minimum balance is maintained
  • Minimum opening and operating balance of 100,000.00 Cedis
  • Default COT charge is 3/mille if operating balance is eroded
  • 0.25/ mille based on average deposit balance and turnover in excess of C50m
  • Withdrawal is restricted to maximum of 8 times*
  • Penalty for more thaCedis 8 withdrawals is loss COT bonus
  • Non-borrowing account but with full current account status
  • Free Debit Card
Benefits to the customer
  • Zero COT on balances of 100,000 Cedis and above
  • COT paid to customers on average turnover
  • Lodgment of all clearing instruments
  • Receive monthly account Statement (optional)
  • Access to telephone & internet banking
  • Money Transfer within the Bank’s Networks.
  • On line – real time transaction across the Bank’s Networks
  • Dedicated account officer to manage each account

Domiciliary Account

  • Minimum opening balance of $100, GBP, EURO
  • Open to only current account holders
  • Zero Operating balance
  • Attracts charge on transfers and withdrawals
  • No restrictions on number of withdrawals​