Funds Transfer​

Forex Transfer

EBG Foreign Exchange B​usiness is ranked among the top banks in terms of market presence, volume and development; it is an active market maker in spot and forwards in the local money market. Importers and Exporters aspiring to operate successfully an import dependent economy like Ghana require a partner who possesses a sound knowledge of the local market as well as the ability to navigate its regulatory terrain.

EBG offers you Foreign Exchange Products and Services built consistently over the years, providing multinationals and other clients with trading, in depth analysis and innovative solutions to their foreign exchange needs. This often involves prompt foreign exchange deliveries at best possible rates as well as managing risks associated with cross border trade using various hedging products.

Outright Purchase:

In many instances, the customer may have bills to settle in a foreign currency. This is most likely to be the case where the customer is an importer and he requires foreign exchange to pay his customer (the exporter) in another country and in another currency. In such an instance the customer will have to use his naira to purchase the foreign currency. This is referred to as an outright purchase.

Outright Sale:

In other instances the customer may be in possession of foreign exchange and he may wish to sell it to the bank in return for Naira. This is most likely to be the case where the customer is an exporter and earns part of his revenue in foreign exchange or where the customer is raising capital for his business from abroad by way of capital importation.

Internet Banking

With a PC or Smart Phone connected to the Internet, you can do the following banking transactions.
  • Check your Account balance.
  • View and download your account Statement.
  • Transfer money from Equitorial Bank Plc  account to another Equitorial Bank Plc  account.
  • Transfer money from your Equitorial Bank Plc  account to another Bank account (the receiver is credited immediately.
And so much more....

Equitorial Bank Plc  Connect is a quick, efficient and secure means of doing all your banking transactions from your office or home anywhere in the world.


  • RTGS is one of the payment systems managed by CBG.
  • Through RTGS, customers can make payments to people in other banks without having to carry physical cash to the bank.
  • Currently we do not have specific form for RTGS transfers. - Customers simply give written instruction stating: AMOUNT, BANK, and BENEFICARY’S NAME & BENEFICIARY'S ACCOUNT NUMBER.
  • RTGS transfers are processed from TROPS (lcy). - Password is managed by CBG
  • Transfers sent to other banks are received same day.